As a freight forwarder, we work with major airlines, providing a variety of services to accommodate carriers of all sizes.

We understand that air transport is a premium and expensive service, so our focus is to couple cost-effectiveness, rapid transit to meet deadlines.

Our experience in planning and customs clearance procedures, combined with our worldwide network of professional partners, enables us to offer a high-quality service with precise documentation for priority air shipments.

  • Import and export of cargo.
  • Air insurance.
  • Shipment status notifications.
  • Packaging for export and labeling.
  • Project load.
  • Organization of ground transportation and local transportation from/to the airport walkway.

Through our consolidation services we provide the most efficient transit times, the most frequent flight schedules and the most competitive prices. We also provide shipment tracking and tracing from reservation to delivery so our customers have visibility throughout the life of their shipment.

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